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Group publications

Adam L. Woodcraft and Adam Gray
A low temperature thermal conductivity database

AIP Conference Proceedings Volume 1185, Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors (LTD13), pp. 681-4, 2010
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Adam L. Woodcraft Marco Barucci, Peter R. Hastings, Lapo Lolli, Valentina Martelli, Lara Risegari and Guglielmo Ventura
Thermal conductivity measurements of pitch-bonded graphites at millikelvin temperatures: finding a replacement for AGOT graphite.
Cryogenics, 49(5):159-164, 2009.
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Julia S. Kennedy and Adam L. Woodcraft
Materials for Cutting-Edge Experiments in Astronomy and Particle Physics
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 150:012020, 2009.
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