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What is the CIRL?

The Cryogenic Instrumentation Research Lab is a facility based at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, dedicated to developing improved methods of constructing cryogenic instrumentation. It is part of the TEOPS (Technology for Experimental and Observational Physics in Scotland) scheme. This links groups in Edinburgh and Glasgow developing leading edge technology for gravitational wave detection, astronomy and particle physics. Our emphasis is on the needs of instrumentation in these fields, but the results are applicable to other areas of scientific research and to industrial applications.

Our main interest is in the properties of materials at temperatures down to 4 K and even lower, since the current lack of information in this area is a severe limitation in constructing advanced cryogenic instruments. We support existing projects in the TEOPS groups and externally, as well as carrying out a more speculative programme of research towards future instruments. Recently we have carried out measurements to support the SCUBA-2 astronomical instrument, the MIRI instrument for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), and the ISIS neutron source. If you are interested in a collaboration, or would like us to carry out work on a contract basis, please contact Adam Woodcraft.

The CIRL is funded by SUPA, the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance, with further support from the UK Astronomy Technology Centre.

Further information

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